Panel Abstract

America's Image

Against the backdrop of Gallup’s January 2018 report on the remarkable decline in global public opinion about America’s leadership over the past year, we present preliminary findings from ongoing research on America’s image. We compare leading news media from China, India And Mexico. Variables include valence or tone toward key actors, share of voice, and topics. Tone Is coded on a 4-­‐point scale. Stories are coded for categorical main topics, as well as with a 4-­‐point Scaled item to measure the extent to which the following topics, common to decades of campaign coverage, are found in foreign country reporting on U.S. 2016: strategy, events, polls/horserace, scandals, candidate characteristics, and policy. Significant cross-­‐ national differences emerged in the volume, distribution, topics and tone of campaign news. From an analysis of nearly 500 campaign stories in Chinese-­‐ Language Global Times, Spanish-­‐language Reforma, and the Times Of India, with high Kappa Reliability coefficients within and between language-­‐teams, we find some evidence of spillover effects from negative valence or tone toward the U.S. Candidates Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton, And their respective political parties, on tone toward the U.S., The 2016 campaign, and American democracy. We Discuss the drivers of news across three contexts -- The campaign, the immediate aftermath of the vote on Nov. 10 And Nov. 11th, And we provide preliminary findings on a sample of stories President Trump’s First year.