Panel Abstract

Discussion On Freedom To Publish Opinion Polls

The research deals with the autonomy and freedom to publish opinion poll results. The WAPOR study conducted involves participation from 140 countries/regions. The findings clearly shows an increase in percentage of countries/regions that had blackout periods prior to elections.In contrast, fewer countries/regions in Asia had blackout periods prior to elections. The other comparative analysis from 2017 vs 2012 was the restrictions for conducting exit polls which results in 11% of the countries/regions that cannot conduct exit polls at all. The codes and practices findings deals with the familiarity, conformity and awareness to the WAPOR guidelines. The study also establishes an increase in the methodological quality of polls while also noting Asian counterparts appraising the polls conducted in their countries less positively than that of other countries/regions. The journalistic handling of the polls see a uniform decline throughout the countries/regions.